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    Unit 11 Ashmore Industrial Estate
    Long Acre Street
    West Midlands
    United Kingdom
    WS2 8QG
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    AJ's Ales
  • Established: 2014

Type: Brewery
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Directory Entries

Details     Created
Dukey's Delight Dukey's Delight
AJ's Dukey's Delight
Real Ale / Golden - 4.1%
June, 2018
Gold Gold
AJ's Gold
Real Ale / Golden - 4.3%
June, 2018
Euro Gold Euro Gold
AJ's Euro Gold
Real Ale / Golden - 4.1%
September, 2016
Stuck in the Black Country Stuck in the Black Country
AJ's Stuck in the Black Country
Real Ale / Strong - 6.0%
September, 2016
Black Jack Black Jack
AJ's Black Jack Mild
Real Ale / Dark Mild - 3.6%
March, 2016
Real Ale / Golden - 4.6%
March, 2016
Stuck in the Doghouse Stuck in the Doghouse
AJ's Stuck in the Doghouse
Real Ale / Premium - 4.7%
December, 2015
Stuck on Blondes Stuck on Blondes
AJ's Stuck on Blondes
Real Ale / Bitter - 3.9%
December, 2015
Four Crosses Four Crosses
AJ's Four Crosses
Real Ale / Golden - 3.8%
December, 2015
Rudolf's Rain Beer Rudolf's Rain Beer
AJ's Rudolf's Rain Beer
Real Ale / Strong - 5.0%
December, 2015
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